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What Was Meant-Chapter Twelve

Title: Stepping Forward
Author: Assilem
Rating: PG
Series: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Daniel/Vala (Secondarys that are there for merely the evolution of Life itself: Cameron/Elizabeth and the Made Up Mitchell Family)Prompt: 075 Welcome On of the 101 Table
Summery: It was the step forward for the otheres, but was it for them?---This chapter is a take off from the Insert written by dontwantmeback and you dont need to read it to understand, but it helps. If youi'd like a full family tree, I have made one, you can email me, or send me a message and I will send you back login information.

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Note: I know, its been forever, but I've been diligently writing and probing muse to do things.

“Okay, we’re here,” Cameron said as SG-1 pulled themselves out of the SUV. Momma had clearly stated that Cameron was to bring along his team to Kelsey’s wedding. She wanted to see Sam, especially after hearing that she was pregnant, and she said Sorcia should come along, wanting to see how her newest “Grandchild” was doing, which meant that Vala was coming, and if Vala was coming, Daniel, who was glued at her hip lately was coming. And if he had to go, that meant that Elizabeth was coming, which left Teal’c, who it was decided was coming just for the laughs.
“Its so big,” Daniel mumbled as he put Sorcia on the ground. “Stay close to me and Mommy.”
“There’s not really a way to prepare someone for a full-on Mitchell assault. Kind of just have to throw them in and hope for the best; just pray to God they survive,” Cameron explained before looking at his team. The confused looks on their faces led to a continuation. “Okay, my family is huge…like I’m not kidding, its huge…According to my Momma, all my Uncle and Aunts, cousins, and brothers and sisters, and everyone is coming to this thing and knowing my luck, they’ll all be here now. So brace yourself,”
“Cam, I’ve met your family before,” Sam said raising an eyebrow, her hands holding her pregnant stomach.
“Not all of them,” Cam winked as sounds of laughter was heard and children ran to the driveway. “You and Beth here got the watered down version.”
“UNCLE CAM!” Jared yelled as he, his twin Jensen and little Sherry-Lynn stopped in their tracks, staring at the congregation of adults.
Daniel felt Sorcia move to his leg in response to new faces. Her personality although like her mothers, held the new people shyness to the extreme. Her whine barely audible made Vala immediately pick her up running her hand over her head, as Daniel put his hand on her back.
“Spawns!” Cameron smiled as he accepted the herd of three into his arms. “Go tell Gramma we’re here.”
“Okay,” Sherry-Lynn smiled jumping up and down before running towards the house screaming ‘Gamma’.
“The girl is Sherry-Lynn…she’s Christina’s kid. That’s Derek’s daughter, and those two monsters are Jared and Jensen, and they’re Alison’s sons..steps… something like that,” Cameron explained. “You know what, I should have made like…a guide to the Mitchell clan…”
“Cam, I need to pee,” Sam said looking at her friend. Throughout this entire pregnancy, the baby was sitting on her bladder; reason one why they had to fly to Kansas, the second was sitting eight hours in a car with a pregnant woman, a thirteen-month-old who was defiantly her mother’s daughter and liked to spend time causing chaos. It would not have been a pleasant journey.
“Oh right, okay, lets go. If you guys need a break, just let me know and drive out to the city, we can be quite, over whelming,” he explained as the group walked towards the house. “There’s the barn…the tree house, swing set, the cows are down there, umm, horses are that a-way, I’m guessing the girls are with them now…”
“Cameron, welcome home,” Wendy Mitchell smiled leaning over and kissing her son’s head. “Oh and Samantha, look at you.”
“Momma,” Wendy corrected quickly. “Bathroom is in the house, under the stairs.”
“Thank you,” Sam said before quickly moving her way into the house.
“Oh, and little Sorcia, growing up,” Wendy smiled taking the child from Vala. “Vala, she’s gorgeous, you must be the father?” looking at Daniel his eyes widened.
“Umm…” Daniel mumbled. “Dr. Daniel Jackson.”
“Wendy Mitchell, you can call me Momma. You must be Teal’c,” she said looking at the taller man who nodded his head.
“Yes MommaMitchell.”
“Well, come on in,” Momma smiled shuffling everyone inside. “Cameron dear, go get the bags and put them upstairs. The small little family can stay in the Derek’s room, with the crib for Sorcia here, you and Elizabeth can have your room, if you don’t mind Teal’c, Samantha can share with you, which you can put in the twins’ room?”
“No at all MommaMitchell,” Teal’c replied as he followed the woman into the livingroom.
“Good. Well, bathroom is right there, living room, family room, kitchen and dining room, and then downstairs is where the children are staying, upstairs, Cameron can show you later tonight. Well come outside to the back, Vala dear, are you still breast feeding?”
Before Vala could reply they stepped out into the backyard, which had more people than Vala had ever seen for one family. Her hand went straight to Daniel, grasping it, as Daniel pulled her closer to him.
Dinner was something else. The Mitchells were a family of many people, the immediate family larger than anyone imagined. Cameron was the second youngest of a family of seven children; with each of his siblings have a family of their own. The dinner table was insane. The children were sent to eat on the picnic blankets, with Christina, the oldest of the grandchildren, in charge. One table was for the direct family, and what it seemed like seven million others, for the rest of the family. Sorcia wasn’t fond of being away from Vala or Daniel, and kept getting up and walking to the table, calling for “Mommy” and “Dada”, in her high pitch scream. Which meant by the end of dinner, Sorcia was firmly planted on Vala’s lap, talking animatedly to the rest of the table.
When the majority had left the farm, only the Mitchell children and theirs were left. The younger children had taken a liking to Teal’c, whom was bigger than Seamus and Stephen put together.
Sorcia had started to throw a fit after not being with Mommy and Daniel. Which Vala quickly calmed by holding the little girl in her arms and promising that tomorrow they’d go see the pretty horses.
“Okay, so let me get this straight,” Daniel said looking up from his notebook. “Derek and you have Christina, Joey and Kimmy. And Christina’s daughter is Sherry-Lynn?”
“Yep,” Angela smiled as she helped him figure out who was who in the Mitchell clan.
“Okay, and Marilyn and Richard have Brian, Arthur, Jeanne, and Alison. Alison is married to?”
“Samuel, they’re the ones that have the twin boys, Jensen and Jared and the little girl Lana,” Angela continued.
“Right. Okay, Emily, she and Andrew, have the three boys, Keith, Robbie and Frederick.”
“Yep, you’re good Doctor,” Angela praised.
“Daniel, and thank you. I grew up in a foster house, so this isn’t so bad,” he explained as he watched Vala, Sorcia and Sam play in the grass. “Then there are the twins, Seamus and Stephen. Seamus is married to Joan, and have Erica, Jessica and Seamus.”
“Alex, Junior doesn’t like going by Seamus,” she corrected. “Only Wendy is allowed to call him by his name.”
“Right, okay, and that leaves Stephen, and Crystal, with Veronica and Alan.”
“That’s right, well Daniel, I’m thoroughly impressed. When Stephen and Crystal got married it took her a while to get everyone straightened out.” Daniel chuckled as he cocked his head to the side to look at the little girl. “Your daughter is beautiful.”
“Thanks, but she’s not mine, I’m just dating her mother,” Daniel explained as he smiled at Sorcia falling to her knees and giggle.
“Doesn’t look like either of them care,” Angela smiled as she watched Sorcia wave to Daniel. 
“How do you remember everyone’s name?”
“They’re family,” Angela smiled, “the Mitchells have a chain, kind of like a hierarchy, I’m only second, Emily and Andrew have been married since they were eighteen,” she explained. “As everyone is added into the clan, you need to know more people. The newer ones look to you for who is who. Derek and I have been together for more years than I’d like to admit,” she laughed. “So I know the entire family, and I mean entire family. A lot of the family is flying in for tomorrow, and then staying the week, instead of doing what the immediate family is doing and just coming in for the weekend. Every year around this time is the Mitchell Family reunion, so it was only natural that Kelsey got married. And that, she had to.”
“Oh?” Daniel asked, looking at the older woman.
“You see, to the Mitchells, you have to be ‘married up proper’ and when Kels got pregnant, as is painfully obvious as she’s eight months along, she eloped, and that is a first for all of us. You see Andrew and Emily got married before Derek and I, and in lieu of a large wedding Derek and I wanted to have a small church ceremony, but according to Mitchell tradition, and even though the year previous was a wedding, we were forced into this large, elaborate ceremony. I would never regret it because, you see the Mitchell tradition of a wedding, is not only welcoming the spouse into the family, but adopting them as Mitchells, telling them to escape now, and not in years to come when there are children involved. As Mitchells, we hold our own very close, and that’s the purpose of the wedding, not because we’re good Christians, but because we’re concerned to an extreme of our own.”
Daniel cocked his head to the side as he listened to Angela speak, flawless and she didn’t have to think of what she was saying, it just came out, perfectly.
“As Mitchells, we take care of our own, be blood or not, it’s a requirement for being a Mitchell, and the elaborate wedding, is a testing ground, if someone can handle that, then we know that he or she is a welcome edition into the family.”
“So that’s why Sherry-Lynn’s father isn’t here?”
“We Mitchells have words to say about that young man,” Angela said shortly. “Sherry-Lynn and Christina are Mitchells, through and through, he didn’t have what it takes to be a Mitchell.”
“I was married before,” Daniel stated as he watched Vala and Sorcia play with Sam. “She was killed, and after my parents died when I was a child…”
“I’m so sorry,” Angela said, her eyes watering and placing a hand on Daniel’s shoulder. “I bet that if they didn’t die, you’d still be a Mitchell,” she smiled before turning to the fields. “The boys should be back soon, they’re usually not this bad at getting those cows and horses back in.”
“Sure,” Daniel smiled as Angela stood up squeezing Daniel’s shoulder before walking towards the field. Daniel sat for a moment before standing up and walking over to his girls. “Having fun monkey?”
“Dada!” Sorcia cried joyfully. Her smile brightening her face, eyes twinkling.
“Hey, babe,” Daniel smiled kissing Vala’s cheek before sitting down next to Vala. “She’s up late for missing her nap.”
“Yeah, hopefully she’ll sleep all night,” Vala smiled as Sorcia reached for the grass and tried to grab it.
“We can only hope,” Daniel chuckled, his arm curling around Vala’s waist as she smiled and moved a bit closer to him.
Sorcia fell asleep faster than either Vala or Daniel expected when she was laid in her crib, which was a relief. By nine o’clock, SG-1 and the Mitchells were sitting around the living room talking. The children had made their way into the family room, which left the adults to chat.
“So you all work with Cam?” Kelsey asked looking at the four. Having already met Elizabeth that Thanksgiving, made her question only who was left, which meant SG-1.
“Yeah,” Daniel nodded, his arm draped over Vala, holding her to his body.
“So, that’s where you two met then?”
“Well, we met a year before that, um, I was on the way out of town, and umm, she helped when uh, my transportation broke down,” Daniel lied, well, not completely, but he wasn’t about to let everyone in the Mitchell family know of the Military’s top secrets.
“But you knew Cameron before that?” Marilyn asked, looking at Daniel from her little brother.
“We all did, except for Vala, he was saving our lives when his jet crashed,” Sam explained. “For that we’re eternally grateful. I’ve known Cameron from before though, I was actually one of his flight commanders during his F302 training.”
“That’s the speciality jet right Cameron?” Frank asked, looking at his son.
“Yep. Sam here, and General O’Neill, and a few others were the ones that trained me in those. Pretty sweet. Actually Sam here was the one who designed it.”
“Really?” chimed the Mitchells as Sam nodded her head.
“I’m an astrophysicist, it was nothing,” Sam said brushing it off. “Really. Its what I’m paid to do.”
“I think it’s amazing,” Christina said from her spot on the floor at her father’s legs. “I always wanted to build a plane.”
“Why don’t you?” Sam asked, looking at the eldest of the Mitchell grandchildren.
“Sherry-Lynn,” Christina said. “That and I’m not really good at building things.”
“That’s right, everything falls apart that she touches,” Alison grinned winking at her cousin.
“I’m just an accountant,” Christina replied. “I can draw it, and make a model, but when it comes to construction, its not my boat. Joey here, that’s what he does.”
“Is that right?” Sam asked turning to the oldest of the nephews.
“I’m majoring in Aerospace Engineering,” Joey said, with almost all the relatives not living in Auburn, there were a few staying in the basement with Christina.
Conversations in the Mitchell house were many, talking with one person meant that there was at least a dozen not talking, so rooms became very loud very quickly.
“Well, I just have to say, Daniel and Vala your daughter is just the cutest thing,” Emily smiled. “I remember when my babies were that small, they’re easy compared to teenagers!”
“I think we’ll skip over that part in her life,” Daniel chuckled with a yawn.
“Oh, just wait until she starts dating,” Richard, Marilyn’s husband warned. “I needed a shot gun with my twins.”
“Yeah, she can stay young forever,” Daniel chuckled before he yawned. “I think I’m going to head to bed, Sorcia has a habit of getting up before the crack of dawn.”
“Okay, goodnight,” Momma smiled standing up. “Do you need anything else before you go to bed?”
“No, thank you Mrs. Mitchell.”
“Its Momma Daniel,” she smiled as Vala stood up. “Joining your husband?”
“Yes, its been a long day,” Vala said nodding her head to the Mitchell’s and her friends as the two headed up towards the bedroom. One of the brothers had brought up the crib from the basement and Sorcia was already fast asleep when her parents walked in. The soft light of the lamp lightly glowed as Daniel shut the door.
“Husband eh,” he teased in a whisperer. Vala smiled as she ran her hand over Sorcia’s head. “She’s really out huh?”
“Yeah, hopefully she’ll sleep through the night,” Vala whispered as Daniel came up behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist.
“I love you,” Daniel whispered into her neck. “Lets get some sleep. One of the twins mentioned there were roosters…”
“Sleep,” Vala said nodding her head, as the two crawled into the bed. Daniel’s arms curled around her, pulling her close, his hand resting on her stomach.
“Love you,” Daniel mumbled into Vala’s neck as she mumbled back.
Vala opened her eyes, as the sun beamed into the bedroom, washing over everything with its glow. She was alone, no warm heat beside her, or Sorcia’s snore from the crib. Sitting up, she ran her fingers through her hair; it was knotted at the end. Yawning, Vala pulled herself out of bed, her barefeet hitting the carpet of the floor. The sound of Sorcia’s giggle caught Vala’s attention as she walked out of the bedroom, and down the stairs. In the kitchen, which was washed in the bright sunshine sat Sorcia, in the highchair, beside Sherry-Lynn, both eating cereal, Sherry talking to Sorcia.
“We can play wif Jar’d an’ J’sen,” Sherry said as she put a spoonful of fruit loops into her mouth.
“Good morning,” Wendy Mitchell smiled placing a plate of pancakes on the table. “I made pancakes if you’re hungry.”
“Thank you,” Vala smiled as Daniel handed her a coffee mug. “Good morning.”
“Hey, she woke up with the sun, so I brought her down,” Daniel replied, his arm slipped around her waist, and his lips touching her cheek.
“Good morning,” Cameron said walking into the kitchen from the backdoor.
“Uncle Cam!” Sherry grinned brightly looking up at Cameron, who looked like he’d been up for a few hours already.
“Hey spawn,” Cameron smiled grabbing the box of Fruit Loops.
“No, those are for the children. Did you let the cows out?” Wendy asked handing Cameron a plate of pancakes.
“Yes ma’am,” he said as he sat down with his plate.
The morning went by smoothly, Daniel could see the tension on Vala’s face as her daughter was passed around, and stole the two as they wandered off into the fields. Sorcia was holding both Daniel and Vala’s hands, as they walked along the edge of the farm.
“You having fun Monkey?” Daniel asked as Sorcia sat down in the grass, followed by her parents.
“Uhuh,” Sorcia smiled before she started to pick the grass. Vala took a sigh and leaned into Daniel.
“When my parents died and I went to my first foster home, I was the middle child of five children. The youngest was no more older than Monkey is now, it was a boy, Benjamin. The rest of the family were girls, Maggie, Roxanne and Amber. My second and last foster family, were a set of professors at the university I went to. They had one child, Nadine, she was my age, but every summer we went to the cabin up in Maine, and the entire family would get together, and we’d spend a week there, and they were always this big. Nadine and I would spend every summer until our postgraduate studies, adding to our ‘guide to the Witcom family’.”
“Before mother died and I was taken by Quetesh, every third cycle, Mother would host a carnival of sorts in the village, it would be the highlight of the cycles. I used to be able go and hide in the ceremony room, no one would ever be there, I got to be alone, and I enjoyed that,” Vala said softly as she watched Sorcia pick a few dandy lions. “Don’t eat them sweetheart.”
“Your manor must have always been filled with people.”
“As I can remember,” Vala smiled. “It was years ago, at night, mother would tuck me in and ask if I had fun, I always said yes, she knew, always knew, I avoided the carnival, and took the time to be alone. Every day I would wake up and my maiden was there, I’d get to spend the day with her, she’d take me to school, until mother was assassinated. It was not a cycle after that day when I was taken by my father. I was sold into slavery, and those days alone were limited to hiding out,” she continued as Sorcia wobbled up to her mother. “Hi sweetheart.”
“Hi.” Sorcia smiled as she moved to sit on Vala’s lap. Vala wrapped her arms around her toddler and kissed her hair.
“You’re a good girl,” she said giving the child a squeeze. Daniel, who was holding Vala to his side pulled her and Sorcia to his lap so that he could hold them. No matter how use he was to being around a few hundred people, the time he could spend with just his family was worth more than anything, and lately everything was sacrificed for them. It was the first time in his life where something other than knowledge came first.
Dinner arrived that night which served as the rehearsal dinner, in which not only were the immediate family present, but so was anyone with any connection to the Mitchells. The introduction of the sextuplets made everyone turn their heads. No one expected all six would show up, but they all did; three boys and three girls, Beverly, Jessica, Alexander, Michelle, Colin and Jason. SG-1 had moved to their own corner of the farm, Teal’c had taken Sorcia, while Sam, Vala and Daniel sat talking. Cameron was making his rounds through the family, casually introducing people to his team.
When dinner was served, the seats started to fill up, Daniel could sense the apprehension in Vala, and he quickly moved to her side, grasping the hand as he watched Sam sit with Sorcia on her lap, her belly just starting to bulge. Sorcia loved that her “Auntie Sam” was having a baby, and at every opportunity she babbled to Sam’s stomach in a language all her own. Cameron would tease that it was just her speaking Goa’uld mixed with every other language Daniel knew.
Cameron was pointing people and introducing everyone as he went along. There were more Sam’s in the family than anyone expected, and he went to organise them by going:
Cousin Sam, Nephew Sam, Young Sam, Girl Sam, married to Alison Sam, married to Allison with two L’s Sam, and when he came to Sam Carter, he went ‘Fat Sam’ before stumbling and settling on ‘Perfectly beautiful, radiant pregnant Sam’, before scuffling off to help Momma.
“Did you want me to take her?” Vala asked looking at her best friend, as Sam shook her head no.
“No, I should get used to this,” she smiled looking down at Sorcia, her blonde hair from her father, curled like her mothers in her pigtails. Her hair lightened over the year, the black fuz faded to a dark brown, to eventually the caramel blonde her hair was now. She had more hair than anyone expected her too, but Vala said it was because all of her people had a lot of hair.
“Hi,” a small bright blonde girl smiled.
“Hi, who are you?”
“I’m Keesa, that’s Sava, and that’s Czarina,” the girl smiled.
“Triplets?” Sam asked as they nodded.
“You’re Russian?” Daniel asked as Sava looked at him. “Where are you from?”
“Kaliningrad,” Sava replied as Daniel smiled.
“Вы проделали длинный путь,” Daniel said as the three girls’ eyes lit up. “Ваш английский язык очень хорош.”
“You know, one day one of us should learn Russian,” Vala said to Sam and Teal’c as they watched Daniel and the three girls speak.
“Considering how many Russians are on base,” Sam nodded holding Sorcia to her. The little girl fell asleep and when woken up, had decided to stay glued to Sam’s side. “I vote for Teal’c.

When dinner wrapped up, SG1 had moved themselves indoors, while the Mitchells remained outside. Teal’c had taken Sorcia and sat on the floor reading her a book, while Sam laid on the recliner holding her ever-expanding belly. She was only eight weeks away now and it was getting increasingly harder to move. Vala sympathised and helped her whenever possible, as her schedule at the SGC was far more relaxed, as Sorcia was her main priority.
Sitting in the room with her friends, Vala thought back to what she said to Tomin, a few years ago, she didn’t know where she belonged, and hoped it was here on Earth, and she knew it was. She had her best friend Sam, her daughter, her lover, Cameron and Teal’c, relationships that held a stronger bond than she had ever experienced. She watched the bond that all the Mitchells had, and hoped that one day her family here would have the same bond.
The next morning, everyone woke up at the crack of dawn to prepare for the wedding. Teal’c had offered, or Volun-told to watch the children, as he put them into the livingroom and regaled them with ‘make believe’ stories of this race known as the Jaffa. Sorcia had woken up in a foul mood, not wanting to be held, nor left alone, she didn’t want to eat, she seemed content if only with her parents. Cameron, normally one of her favourite people could not make her mood better. She stayed with Sam for not more than thirty minutes before falling into a fit, making Mommy hold her.
“Did you get her down?” Daniel asked as Vala walked out of the bedroom they were staying in, before Sorcia’s shrieking pierced their ears. “I take not.”
“I don’t know what the matter is,” Vala sighed as the baby’s shrieks got louder.
“Maybe she wants to go home,” Daniel suggested as Vala moved to straighten his tie.
“That’s better,” Vala smiled patting his chest, as Daniel grabbed her hand and placed his lips to it. “Sometimes I just want to give up Daniel,” she said softly.
“I know baby.”
“How long until the ceremony?”
“Cameron said around 3pm,” Daniel said as he took Vala’s hand in his own and guided her down the stairs. “Come on, if we leave her, she might fall asleep or get sick of hearing her own screams.”
“I doubt it,” Vala replied shaking her head.
“Lets just hear Teal’c’s stories of the intrepid team of explorers,” he winked.
“I’d love to hear the one where the geeky member is met by the sexy alien,” Vala grinned as Daniel laughed as the two made their way downstairs.
Not a half an hour into listening to Teal’c stories, the distant sound of Sorcia stopped, and Vala looked at Daniel. He nodded when she stood up and headed upstairs. Opening the door, Sorcia was sitting in the crib, holding her feet in her hands, and tears streaming down her face as she hiccupped.
“Sweetheart,” Vala said softly walking over to the child, who let go of her feet and got to them, her breath hitching. “What’s the matter?” taking the child into her arms, Vala ran her hand through her hair. Sorcia babbled in unintelligible speech as Vala rocked her softly. “Do you want to stay with me?”
Sorcia nodded her head as Vala kissed her forehead. “Ook.”
“We can get you your book,” she smiled grabbing Sorcia’s favourite book and letting her little hands hold it. “Come on, Uncle Teal’c is telling stories.” She said adjusting Sorcia on her hip, and heading downstairs. “Wheres your sucky?” she asked noticing the clip that held Sorcia’s soother was missing. That one word made Sorcia tear up and it clicked in Vala’s head. “We’ll go ask Daniel where it is.”

Rubbing the baby’s back as she headed down the stairs. Vala couldn’t help but shake her head, something so trivial as a soother was the cause for her foul mood-at least that’s what she hoped. Running through the past events, Vala tried to remember where it may be, or if they brought it. Sorcia had her good days, and her bad, days where she didn’t want the soother, and days where if it wasn’t in her mouth then the world was shattered around her.
She remembered seeing it on the coffee table at the apartment, as Sorcia sat in her playpen playing with her blocks. She was packing the diaper bag for the flight, making sure she had juice, and a few snacks, Daniel was putting the luggage in his SUV. Cameron had called Daniel’s cell, as she grabbed it and placed it to her ear, she handed the soother to Sorica, and walked back into the kitchen to finish packing.
“Daniel?” she asked walking back into the livingroom, as the children-a few of the teenagers included whom were smitten with Teal’c smiled at the baby. “Soother?”
“I thought you packed it,” he said, frowning his brows, before sighing. “The playpen. She was playing with her blocks and I remember taking one of them out of her mouth before putting her in the SUV. And that explains this entire attitude.”
“Yes,” Vala said handing the child to Daniel, who currently had her book stuck in her mouth.
“Yo, Momma wants everyone to be seated,” Cameron said popping his head into the living room. “And has anyone seen Beth?”
“Working,” Sam said, as Teal’c pulled her to a standing position. “Upstairs.”
“Who brought the laptop?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest staring at his team.
“Hey don’t look at me, I’m pregnant,” Sam said putting on her best innocent face, as Daniel made a b-line for the door.
“Hold it Jackson,” he said holding up his hand.
“I have a baby,” he said in defense holding Sorcia up in front of him, which caused the first giggle of the weekend.
“Why did ya have to go do that?” Cameron whined.
“In my defence, I have a baby who only sleeps at night now when there is music playing,” Daniel said, as Cameron raised his brow, in a very Teal’c fashion. “I’m writing a paper, its due soon.”
“That’ll I’ll believe, Cameron said. “You and Princess go get Beth, and the rest of you, outside, spawns go find your parents.” He ordered before the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it, must be Dave’s brother.”
Fixing his dress blues, Cameron walked to the front door. “Yo,” he said opening the door, “Sheppard?”
“Mitchell?” John Sheppard said digging in his pocket. “I must be at the wrong house…I’m looking for…this place?”
“This is here,” Cameron said raising a brow. “Why you here?”
“My brother, Dave, is getting married, I was back on Earth for a debrief and got out early, so I thought I’d come… and I must have got the wrong place.”
“Yup, well my sister is getting hitched…”
“To Dave Sheppard?” John asked as Cameron nodded, whose eyes widened.
“Ah hell, we’re brothers in law.”
Vala sat holding Sorcia in her lap, her favourite book in her hands as the baby flipped the pages. It was keeping her quiet, and that was all Vala cared about at the moment. Daniel’s arm was around her shoulders as she watched his face. He was thinking, she could tell.
It was a beautiful ceremony, Kelsey was radiant and 8 months pregnant, her bridal party consisted of both Marilyn and Emily, as well as her best friend, who was introduced as Sage. Vala had to admit that it was a beautiful wedding, hers to Tomin was nothing compared to this one, neither was her parents. She remembered planning her wedding to Craig, she didn’t get far in the planning before Sorcia came into their lives and changed the world. Looking at Kelsey, she hoped that the little one would change the world for them, but not tear them apart.
She had to admit, she wanted that happiness. It crossed her mind if she never got out of the Ori galaxy that that happiness would be with Tomin and ‘their’ baby. Adria changed everything, and it wasn’t for the better. The harm and horrors she caused, made Vala realise for the first time in the entire pregnancy, that she was an incubator, not a mother. With Sorcia she took the chance, knowing that her baby may not change the world, but would change hers. Granted life was hard with her, she sometimes just wanted to give up, but knew if she did, that Sorcia would end up in a place she could not imagine. Jacek gave up on her, and that led to a life that she never wanted to revisit.

Glancing over at Daniel once more, Vala raised a brow as he stared at the two at the alter saying their vows. “What are you thinking about?” she whispered softly, as Daniel turned his head to face her.
“Marry me.” Her face went wide as Sam who sat next to Daniel turned her head, as did the rest of SG-1.


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Aug. 15th, 2008 04:21 am (UTC)
“Marry me.” Her face went wide as Sam who sat next to Daniel turned her head, as did the rest of SG-1.

Aug. 16th, 2008 04:30 am (UTC)
Just finished reading the entire story, and I love it! (Side note: why Jack? *sob* Why?) Ahem, I really like the story so far, and I look forward to seeing where you take it.
Aug. 16th, 2008 04:35 am (UTC)
Thank you :D

Jack's death is an ELABORATE plot line in the structure of the story. I couldn't see something move on to where it had to be without him dying, and his death had to be sudden and out of danger.

I have lost two very close friends in a sudden incident and so I knew how it changes and everything like that, and felt that if he died then not only would it bring these characters-that I merely play with- to a level where change and life as is begins to progress in a way that most people would not consider, then the fork in the road that I was debating on, would become something more than 'this person moved on' and it becomes something that is reality. People die, and make mistakes, and people sometimes move to a point of no return, sometimes its good and sometimes its bad, and I believe that at the point in my story, he needed to die for progression.
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