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Chapter 11: Part Two

Part Two


“You look horrible,” Cameron said looking at Sam, who was sitting behind her desk and staring at a folder in front of her.
“Thanks,” Sam said leaning back in her chair. “What can I do for you Colonel?”
“Well, General,” Cameron started sitting down. “Just wondering how you’re doing?”
“I’m okay,” Sam smiled. “Busy running the base is all. The Atlantis members should be here this afternoon, so I’m going to be debriefing them.”
“McKay coming?”
“Yeah,” Sam sighed closing her eyes, hands going to her pregnant stomach, which was now showing that she was pregnant, and didn’t just gain weight, or was bloated.
“You can’t hide it from him forever, he’s not the brightest man, but he aint stupid either,” Cameron offered.
“How did you know it was him?” Sam asked looking at her Second-in-Command and friend.
“Sam, I know you, have for a while dontcha know,” Cameron started looking that the woman. “I know things. That and you specially requested that he join the debrief team. So I put two and two together and arrived at baby.”
“It was a one night thing,” Sam sighed. “After Jack’s wake…it wasn’t planned. I think he needs to know…”
“That in four months he’s gonna be a daddy? I think that’s pretty important.”
“I know. Hey is it all right if I bring him to dinner tonight, if…”
“Of course, I’m sure Beth will love to see him, and I’m pretty sure that BabyDaddy is coming, you know, it being Sorcia’s birthday and all that.”
“Okay, I better get back to this before the expedition arrives,” Sam said pointing to the file. “I’ll see you later, oh and don’t let Sorcia at the presents!”
“I can’t guarantee anything,” Cameron winked before heading out of her office.
Like and unlike its past commanding officers, the office was decorated to suit the personality of the occupant. Her degrees displayed along the walls, pictures of her team and her father scattered. A few planes and molecules, a few other pictures which previously scattered her lab.
On her desk was the last picture of all of SG-1; Jack, Daniel, Teal’c, herself, Cameron, Vala and at the time, the newest member, Sorcia. They were all squeezed together into frame. She was squeezed between Teal’c and Jack, with Vala and Sorcia on the bed, and Daniel and Cameron on the other side of the bed. It was her favourite picture. They had gotten the pediatric nurse to take the picture, and in such a small room, they were squished together, but happy. Beside that, a picture of her father, brother Mark and her, the last time they were all together before he died. Behind her, the picture of her mother, it had gone from every locker, to lab, to office with her since the day she died. This was no different. She knew, that soon, she’d place the baby’s picture beside her phones, her desktop on her laptop, her entire life. She knew that no matter what, that her SG-1, her SG-1, would be there, that Mark would be there to take care of her. It was a baby, no big deal right…
“Scheduled Incoming Wormhole,” rang through Sam’s ears. She jolted out of her thoughts and looked at the clock on her wall. Atlantis.
Getting out of her chair, Sam walked down the stairs as the IDC came through. “Atlantis?”
“Yes ma’am,” Chief Sergeant Harriman replied.
“Open the iris,” she said. “Send them up to the briefing room after they get checked out by Dr. Lam.”
“Yes ma’am,” Walter said. “Oh ma’am, Kerry and I will be at dinner tonight. Around six?”
“Yep,” Sam said touching his shoulder.
“Daniel,” Vala said walking into his office, Sorcia on her hip, playing with her stuffed giraffe that came into her possession not to long ago. Once she had found it on the bookshelf in her room, it hadn’t left her arms without protest.
“Yup, give me a minute,” Daniel mumbled as he organized his notes and books. Hitting the Shut down button on his computer, Daniel turned around and looked at his family. Vala was holding Sorcia, both heads turned to each other, as Vala spoke soft words to the child. Sorcia’s face was lit up with delight, as she spoke back. He smiled at the two placing a few books and his laptop into his laptop case. “Okay, I’m ready.”
“Perfect,” Vala smiled kissing Sorcia’s head.
“And how was your morning with Kerry?” Daniel asked leaning in and giving Sorcia’s head a kiss.
“Yes,” she said clearly, before holding out her hand to Daniel. Daniel chuckled and took the baby into his arms, as the three moved out of his office.
“I didn’t see you today,” Daniel said looking at Vala.
“I was helping Paul organize Dr. Cousineau’s files,” she explained.
“Oh, right, Lauren’s coming back today,” Daniel said putting Sorcia on the ground to walk. Her feet hit the ground, and the lights on her shoes lit up. “One foot, two foot,” he said to Sorcia as she walked still unsure. “Come on Birthday Girl, lets get ready for your party.” The three walked slowly through the halls before Daniel stopped. “I have to run to talk to Sam. Meet me uptop?”
“Of course,” Vala smiled leaning over and giving Daniel’s a kiss.
The debriefing went swimmingly as the few expedition members who came gathered around the table, Sam at the head, the table conveniently covering her stomach.
She knew she had to tell Rodney and that played on her mind throughout the entire briefing. She hadn’t figured out how she was going to tell him, she figured she might just stand up. He was a smart man she’d hope he get it.
“We finished?” Rodney asked looking up from his folder.
“Yes. Rodney, could you stay a moment?” Sam asked as the man nodded his head. Almost too quickly the rest of the small team that came disappeared from the room. Taking a breath, Sam stood up pushing her chair back. “Rodney.”
“You’re…” he said looking at the roundness of her belly.
“Yes,” Sam nodded.
“Well, congratulations,” he said gesturing awkwardly towards her.
“Rodney,” Sam said taking a breath and walking over to him. “I’m five months pregnant.”
“Okay,” the man said, his face scrunching in confusion. “Well….congratulations.”
“Rodney,” she repeated for the third time, resting her tired body against the chair. “Listen I’m pregnant.”
“Yes, I see, apparently suffering from an affliction, makes them state the blindingly obvious,” Rodney said sarcastically. “Repeatedly.”
“Rodney, its yours.”
“What?” a dumbfounded look broke over Rodney’s face, as his brain stopped working, and he stared at Sam, his eyes shifting nervously from her face to the roundness of her stomach.
“I just thought I should tell you, I mean, the baby is going to need a father, and I want a better father than what Dr. Martin is to Sorcia, and, just understand that I don’t expect you to do anything…except you know….understand that this child is yours, and hopefully be its father, because I’d hate for him, or her to not have you in their life, and I know we’re just friends, and I know we should always stay that way, because we’d never work, and…”
“Sam, shut up,” Rodney said snapping his fingers in a very McKay way. “Just…you’re saying…that one incident, made….” Waving his hands awkwardly he pointed to her stomach. Sam nodded in response and watched as Rodney’s brain tried to comprehend the situation. “Okay…so what are we going to do?”
“Its like the season of Friends, when Rachel was having Ross’ baby, and he was dating someone else,” Sam explained. “Sorry, Vala really loves the show.”
Rodney stayed quite for a moment, looking at Sam. “So uh…five months along?”
“About that,” Sam nodded. “Listen, we’re having Sorcia’s birthday party tonight at my place, you’re welcome to come…I’d like it if you came.”
“Yeah, sure,” Rodney said sitting back down in a chair, his eyes focused on the roundness of Sam’s stomach. “You know, I’m going to make a horrible father.”
“I’m going to make a horrible mother,” Sam offered sitting down.
“We’re going to make horrible parents, we shouldn’t have children,” he repeated. “Do you know the sex?”
“No, Teal’c knows, he refuses to tell me though,” Sam explained. “I said I didn’t want to know, but Teal’c was with me when I got my ultrasound and he wanted to know, so the doctor told him, but now he wont tell me.”
“Oh,” he said. “So… when are you due?”
“July 19th.”
“You’re welcome to come…”
“Well, we’ll see,” Rodney said. “What time did you say the birthday party was?”
“Um, around six. I’m going to head home a little early…”
“Okay, uh… Listen, I’m going to go…I’ll be back around four.”
“Okay,” Sam said as Rodney stood up. “Bye.”
“Yeah,” he said waving his fingers and walking off. Sam watched Rodney leave, as her mind started to race. Did she do the right thing? She was really just his friend; it was all they ever could be. He knew it. He was the one that said it.
Now she was having his baby, by complete accident, it was a night; she wasn’t going to regret it, because it was not something she should regret. The child may be a mistake, but she wasn’t going to let that interfere with her life. She was going to be a mother, plain and simple. She was going to have to take care of this child, and she knew, even if Rodney didn’t yet, that he would be there. Because, it was Rodney and the child did have his genes.
She would never ask Rodney to give up his life for her baby. His baby. Their baby. He seemed happy, for the first time she knew him, he seemed happy. Not happy like hw was when he was with Katie Brown, he was happier. For some odd reason he was happy, she didn’t know why, but she didn’t want to take that away from him.
“Sam,” Daniel called waving his hand in front of his friends face.
“Oh, hi,” Sam smiled.
“We’re going to pick up a few things from the store… are you all right?” Daniel asked, looking at her, concern worried on his face.
“I just told the baby’s father,” Sam sighed. “But um, I have work to do now. When you get to my place, just um, the cake is in the freezer, I’m sure Cameron is taking care of the food.”
“That’s the plan,” Daniel agreed. “You going to be okay?”
“I’ll be fine,” Sam said with a forced smile. “You go get ready, she’s probably bursting with excitement.”
“She’s only a year old, so,” Daniel smiled. “I’ll see you in a few hours. Call when you’re leaving the base.”
“I will, Bye,” Sam pushing Daniel out of the briefing room.
“Let me get this straight,” Rodney said emerging in Sam’s doorway. “You’re pregnant.”
“Yes, not mistaking it now,” Sam replied as Rodney kicked the door closed lightly.
“You know, us being parents, not the best thing,” he said looking at her.
“I know, but it happened Rodney, and the child has your genes, whether you want to believe it or not.”
“Well obviously.”
“Rodney,” Sam said softly. “Listen, if you don’t want to be the father, I wont pressure you…”
“Nono! I already am. Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this, I mean of course I’ve been thinking, this is how we’re going to do it. Well, I need to talk to Jennifer, but she’ll understand, or not…well, maybe. Anyway! We’ll transfer back to the SGC as soon as we can, and that way I can…help…. You with the…” a brief gesture to the protruding stomach, Sam understood what he meant.
“Rodney, thank you,” Sam said softly.

“I hate kids,” he said sitting down across from Sam. “If anyone else came to me…but it was you, and you’re you…and that’s my kid…”
“So, Jennifer Keller huh?” Sam teased as she grabbed her bag from the drawer in her desk.
“You got her all right?” Vala asked as she and Daniel started to pull the groceries from the SUV.
“Yep,” he replied, Sorcia in one arm, bags in the other.
“Okay.” Juggling the bags, Vala produced a key for Sam’s place, and opening the doors without dropping the bags. She was getting quite the juggler and multi-tasker, especially with Sorcia who at most times demanded to be in someone’s arms or she’d throw a fit.

Sorcia wasn’t the perfect baby, she was anything and everything from it. She was defiantly Vala’s daughter, she constantly wanted attention, constantly since the moment she started, was talking, and when she wasn’t happy, she was making sure everyone knew she wasn’t happy and they’d have to live with her. She was really just like every child, she was anything but perfect, but to Vala and Daniel, she was perfect.
“Dada,” Sorcia whined wiggling her body trying to get to the floor.
“No, you can go down in a few minutes,” Daniel said walking into the kitchen, putting the bags on the table, before he put Sorcia on the floor. “Stay here.”
Sam already had her house baby proofed from when she was living there, and kept it, which came in handy with her own pregnancy now. Even still, Sorcia was a tricky child, whom had ways of getting into things.
“Daniel, can you help me for a moment?” Vala asked as she started to unpack the bags. Only two were groceries, the rest were the party supplies, as baby’s first birthday meant it was party time. Which meant there were balloons, streamers, bubbles and toy shakers for Sorcia’s amusement.
“Yup, be there in a minute,” Daniel replied scooping Sorcia back up. “Play pen. I know Auntie Sam brought it out,” he said to the girl who was trying to squirm her way out of his arms. Placing her into the pen, Daniel turned his back and headed to the kitchen. Sorcia, standing up in the play pen watched him walk away, her lip started to quiver and tears started to flow.
“Sorcia, no crying, just play.” Sighing she looked at Daniel. “She’s going to be the death of me.”
“Ah, don’t say that,” Daniel said resting his chin on Vala’s shoulder, looking at the child on the verge of hysterics. “What are you looking at Monkey?” Placing a quick kiss onto Vala’s neck, Daniel stepped back and turned towards getting the dry goods they had bought, put in Sam’s cupboards.
“Craig is coming tonight,” Vala said as she pulled out a few snacks- areoroot cookies, crackers, the like-.
“Yeah? Who’s idea was that?”
“I said he should come,” Vala replied. “I figured he needed to be here.”
“I know,” Daniel mumbled as Sorcia’s screams pierced their ears. Whipping around Daniel’s vision focused on Sorcia, who was holding onto the playpen, tears streaming down her face and Vala was with her in a split second.
“What is it?” Vala asked picking her up, wiping her tears away with her thumb.
“Mama,” Sorcia mumbled.
“Oh you’re such a sucker,” Daniel said coming up behind the two. “All you wanted was your Mommy.”
“Hey, you love birds around?” Cameron called opening the door, followed by Craig and Elizabeth.
“Hi,” Vala smiled turning around and looking at them.
“Happy Birthday Princess,” Cameron grinned taking the child away from her mother. “You’re so big!” turning to Craig who was standing rather awkwardly, he looked at him. “Here, say happy birthday to your kid.”
Craig smiled and reached for the child, his eyes tearing away from Daniel and Vala who were standing together, skin touching, his arm curled around her waist, and Craig was jealous. “Hi sweetheart,” he said taking Sorica who looked at him strangely. As soon as she was settled onto his lap, Sorcia’s eyes started to water and the crying started as she leaned towards Daniel.
“Dada,” she whined as Craig frowned his brows.
“I’m right here,” Craig said as Sorcia started to cry louder.
“Give me her,” Daniel said reaching over and taking the screaming child, who as soon as she was out of Craig’s arms settled down her tears. “Sssh, its okay Monkey.”
“Does she always cry?” Craig asked as Vala’s eyes shifted. Almost two years ago, she loved this man, he was someone she could have and love and loved her back. They were happy, for the time, but now, it was hard for Vala to even remember what it was like to have him in her life, and for that matter Sorcia’s.
“Only with strangers,” Vala said, putting on a false smile.
“Hey, why don’t you and Cameron go and finish unpacking the food,” Daniel suggested to Vala who nodded. It was going to be one awkward night to say the least. Sam was due home shortly, and Rodney might be coming, with Teal’c. Being only her first birthday, they had decided that it would be a family affair, maybe next year it’ll be bigger.
“So,” Elizabeth said turning to Craig. “How’s Atlantis?”
“Umm, good, I guess. Dr. McKay is a slave driver,” he said as Elizabeth chuckled. “I have never met a man so…”
“Demanding,” Elizabeth finished. “I know, I ran the base for three years.”
“Oh really? You’re Dr. Weir then? The Doctor Weir?”
“The one and only,” Daniel said as he got Sorcia settled down, placed her on his feet. She loved standing, and loved walking; she just didn’t have the courage yet to do it on her own.
“She walking yet?” Craig asked looking at Daniel who shrugged.
“Only if someone is holding her hands, she doesn’t have the courage to do it herself yet,” Daniel replied sadly. “She’ll walk soon, wont you Monkey?”
“Dada,” Sorcia smiled, her legs wobbling as he lifted her up and placed her on the floor.
“Come on, you can do it.”
“SAM!” Cameron called hearing the door shut.
“What?” Sam called, as Rodney followed moving into her kitchen.
“You have wobbly vegetables!” he said, waving the carrot, which wobbled in his hand. “Wobbly!”
“Put that down,” Elizabeth said as the rest of the company walked into the view of Sam’s kitchen.
“Elizabeth,” Rodney said, his mouth agape, he wasn’t expecting on seeing her.
“Rodney,” she smiled as the two instinctively fell into each other’s embraces. “You look good.”
“You too,” Elizabeth smiled as Rodney turned to Craig, standing awkwardly.
“Martin, I want to show you something,” he said snapping his fingers and pointing towards Sam’s office, “Sam I’m using your computer.”
“Okay,” Sam said as the two disappeared. Shaking her head she turned to Daniel who had Sorcia on his feet. “Happy Birthday baby girl.” Sorcia’s huge smile beamed up at her aunt and Daniel lifted her up by her arms, causing a squeal. “Nap time soon?”
“I’m going to put her down,” Vala said taking her daughter into her arms. “Come here.”
The afternoon was spent decorating Sam’s living room, with not much help from Sam, Rodney or Craig, as they remained in her office, all pouring over some results of something. Cameron cooped himself in the kitchen making dinner, while the rest of the adults were the ones decorating.
The party was as awkward as everyone imagined. Sorcia kept them entertained, the cake was the best part, as most of it ended up around, and on her, rather than in her mouth. Her face lit up with the singing of Happy Birthday, and even more with the presents given to her. Cameron joked that he should have just given her ribbons and boxes. Sam had bought a new outfit for her, which was gratefully accepted by Vala, because Sorcia was growing like a weed. Teal’c had given her a set of new more durable blocks with a backpack to put them all in, which Daniel couldn’t be happier about, for stepping on her blocks every other day. Cameron and Elizabeth a few sets of shirt and bottoms-a pant, skirt and short. Craig, having only today on Earth, bought her a ‘big girl’ bed, for when Vala decided she was ready for it. Daniel started her college fund, and given her several books, and Vala had given her two new pairs of shoes-a dress and a play shoe, and a few other toys she squealed at. By seven pm, she was curled up in Uncle Teal’c’s arms sleeping, as everyone was cleaning up the house. She could make even the cleanest house a disaster after an afternoon.
What really bothered Vala was Sorcia’s aversion to her father, whenever he went to take her, she’d start crying, or when someone went to hand her over, she’d kick and scream until she was in the comfort of someone she knew. She crawled around the floor and whenever she came close to Craig she’d try and move away or start whining until someone would pick her up. For Daniel, it was more concerning that she was so adverse to him, when usually she’d loved everyone who would show her affection, but when the man who was her biological father, she wanted nothing to do with.
“We better get her home,” Daniel said looking at Vala.
“Oh, you’re guys are living together?” Craig asked as Vala nodded her head.
“Why don’t we….” Cameron said as everyone else nodded and stood up and moved out of the room.
“I shall pack up the car,” Teal’c said standing up, skillfully keeping Sorcia in his arms, as the rest of the team started to gather up the presents.
“I always knew it…”
“Craig, Daniel and I… we were never together while we were,” Vala started looking at her ex-fiancé. She felt around and took Daniel’s hand for comfort. Daniel without a blink came up behind her.
“Are you happy?”
“Yes,” Vala replied. “I’m happy.”
“Okay, I should head back to the base…” he said standing up, Vala following suit, letting Daniel’s hand go as she reached over and hugged him.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered into his ear. “I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Craig smiled. “You’re happy, that’s all that matters.”


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May. 4th, 2009 10:23 am (UTC)
Aw, I feel so sad for Craig! :( But Daniel and Vala belong together, he should've known better. :P
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